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Brookfield 1795 to the Present

The Town of Brookfield was formed from the town of Paris, Herkimer County in 1795.  In 1798 it was set off to Chenango County and included in the 17th, 18th and 19th townships of the "Chenango Twenty Towns". In 1805 a portion (township no. 17 of the Chenango Twenty Towns) was taken off to form the town of Columbus, Chenango County and in 1806, Brookfield as it is today was transferred to the jurisdiction of Madison County.
Brookfield lies in the southeast corner of the county and is bounded by Hamilton and Madison on the west, on the north by Sangerfield and Bridgewater in Oneida County, and south by Columbus in Chenango County. The Unadilla River forms part of its boundary on the east and south. The east branch of the Chenango River traverses Brookfield.
The first settlers came in 1791 from Rhode Island, followed by people from Massachusetts and Connecticut for the most part.  Agriculture and dairy farming were then as now the main occupation. Hop growing was for many years one of the large industries.
A strong Quaker element was among the early settlers. They erected a meeting house about 1820.  However, due to children "marrying out of meeting" and lack of converts, the Society died out as did the one in the town of Madison.
There were three Seventh Day Baptist Churches in the town. The first one was organized in Leonardsville in 1797. The other two, outgrowths of the first, located in the (now) village of Brookfield and at Babcock's Mills and were established in 1823.
A Baptist Society was formed in 1798 at "Five Corners". It later moved to Brookfield village and shared a meeting house with the Seventh Day Baptists. A Methodist Class was formed in 1800 and in 1820 built a meeting house in lot #43 of the 18th Township. They later moved to the village of Brookfield.
The only newspaper published in the town was THE BROOKFIELD COURIER. The Historical Society has copies of all of them from its inception in 1875. Other newspapers of the area, in Cazenovia, Oneida, and Norwich, carried a great deal of Brookfield "news" as well.
Several books have been written about or by the Town of Brookfield families from the 1970's through today. Two such books are The Eternal Hills by Donna Spooner Tanney and Remembered Years by the Brookfield Township Historical Society. Remembered Years gives more detail of the early settlement of the Town of Brookfield.